SHOCKING: Johnny’s Family Flies To L.A. To Help Him Cope Amid Divorce & Mom’s Death

This has been a whirlwind week for Johnny Depp. The actor’s mother died on May 20, his wife Amber Heard filed for divorce two days later, and now, an insider told RadarOnline.com, his family is rushing to L.A. to try to help him cope!

“His family seems to be in shock,” an insider told Radar.

Depp, 52, “is a very private person, so any issues he might have been having” with Heard, 30, “he kept to himself,” the insider insisted.
“But the divorce is the last thing they are thinking about right now,” the source said, after beloved family matriarch Betty Sue Palmer‘s death.

“Everyone is trying to help with arrangements for his mom’s funeral and trying to get out there,” the source told Radar. “If there is a service they’ll have it in Los Angeles. Johnny took care of everything else in his mother’s life, so he will take care of putting her to rest too.”
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