President Buhari`s Death Announced On Twitter by Ex-UK MP, Eric Joyce

Former United Kingdom parliamentarian member, Eric Joyce has alleged the death of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari in London.

Eric Stuart Joyce is a British politician and former military officer. He is a former member of parliament (MP) for Falkirk West and (from 2005) Falkirk.

Joyce was an MP from the 2000 Falkirk West by-election, originally as a Labour Party MP, until 2015 when he stood down having sat as an Independent MP for several years, according to his Wikipedia.

Joyces, in a series of tweets on Friday said it was very sad to hear the news of the death of President Buhari who he campaigned and supported during the 2015 elections in Nigeria.

“The president of one of the world's largest and most sensitive countries died in London today.In our main news bulletins, not a word.#Buhari

“Very sad to learn hear of the death of President Buhari, whom I campaigned for. Thoughts with his wife @aishambuhari and family. #buhari”, he tweeted.

Eric said he has interest in Nigeria because “During Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign, I organised supportive meetings on his behalf at Westminster; always on behalf of Nigerians and never off my own bat.

“The most striking thing in all of this is that the UK media doesn’t seem to give a toss either way – few outlets have publish anything at all on the subject” he said in his article on Buhari's health.

But on Saturday, Mr. Femi Adesina, spokesman to President Muhammadu Buhari in his latest article, “They learnt Nothing and forgot nothing”, described it as shame to those wishing death for Buhari.

He decried the false publications about the death of Buhari and said: “Shame upon evil wishers, purveyors of lies and wickedness.

“Do they have blood running in their veins at all? Do they realize that wishing another person dead, is sin before God?, he asked”

The President is currently in London for follow up treatment.

Adesina said it was wrong for any group of people to wish the President dead and clone websites of international media houses to announce the falsehood.

In an article, Nigerian Bulletin itemised reasons why Mr. Buhari needs to stay healthy and complete what he started. He has spent too long trying to be President. Nigeria needs Buhari to complete his term as a democratic President.
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