Buhari Shocked Over Ibe Kachikwu's Explosive Memo

The President and cabinet members were shocked by the issues raised by the minister of state of Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu in the explosive leaked memo.

According to The Nation, the President has scheduled a fact finding session with the Minister.

A source confided in The Nation that: “This audience is already in the schedule of the President today. Kachikwu will have the opportunity to explain what went wrong in the NNPC and the insubordination of the GMD.

“For instance, the issue of lack of access to the President and sidelining him are really strange. Buhari wants to go into the details.” 

The source added: “President Buhari does not condone indiscipline. There is a high probability that some of the allegations were not brought to his notice.

“The real questions are: Why did GMD Baru sideline his supervising Minister? How did Baru get approval for the contracts? Could he have misled the government with a cover-up memo? Did anybody or group take advantage of the President’s medical trip?

“The Presidency may probe these allegations against Baru”.

“The Presidency will certainly not spare the rod and the President is determined to get to the root of the $25billion contracts,” the source said.
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