Ex Minister Tam David West: Search For Oil in Northern Nigeria Will End Fruitless

A former petroleum Minister Professor Tam David West has stated that the search for oil in northern Nigeria in the end will be a wasted effort. 

Speaking in an interview published by Punch, he said he'd warned northern governors not to embark on the project. 

"Let us assume that there is oil there, is it in commercial quantity? If you say technically you have oil there, the only reason for anyone to go there and dig is if it is in commercial quantity, else, it is a waste of time and money. Some years ago, northern governors came together and said they would explore the possibility of getting oil in the North. It was a good move to jointly look for oil there. I have the record. They thought NNPC was not serious enough about it.

"I wrote a three-page article titled, ‘Ankali, Ankali (be careful)’. I gave them the history of oil search in the Chad basin, the record of failures, how much was spent and how I bought a rig and took it there. I advised them to spend the money on education and health instead of spending it on the search. A professor from Maiduguri said I was wrong so they continued. I knew it was a chase that would not be fruitful.
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