MUST READ: Man charged with bathroom voyeurism at Tacoma university

His alleged victims are concerned why the University of Puget Sound did not identify the suspect by name or photo.
A 30-year-old Tacoma man is accused of recording women in restrooms at the University of Puget Sound. Adam Randolph pleaded not guilty to seven counts of voyeurism and three counts of attempted voyeurism in Pierce County Court. He is a level two sex offender who lives near the campus.
According to court documents, he used a cell phone to record women in bathroom stalls at the University of Puget Sound between November 2016 and February 2017. A student reported seeing a suspicious person in the women’s restroom and reported it to campus security. The school worked with the Tacoma Police Department to identify the suspect as Randolph.
At least two of his alleged victims expressed concerns about the university's handling of the case. UPS did not release Randolph's name or photo, even after he was charged.
“I just feel like my sense of security was taken away,” said Carter Peckham. The physical therapist and former faculty member at UPS says she found out this year that she was one of several victims: “As I understand it, he recorded me in a stall from underneath and over the top.”
Peckham said she had to identify herself after police showed her a still photo of herself in the stall. Court documents say the camera was then repositioned to view her at the sink washing her hands.
“You expect to be safe in your workplace and your school. I would want that for anyone to not have to think twice about whether or not they’re being watched,” she said.

Peckham said she received an email from University of Puget Sound Security in January, notifying students and staff that the university received a report of a suspicious male in the women’s restroom in Weyerhaeuser Hall.
Then in February, she said she received another email from the University, indicating Tacoma police identified a suspect, issued a trespass warning and released him pending further investigation. While the email included a description, there was no photo and no name of the suspect.
“He could be walking down the street and come into my office and I wouldn’t know who to look for and that’s really kind of scary,” said Peckham
Another alleged victim, named Celia has the same concerns. She showed up at Randolph’s arraignment Thursday morning.
“I’m sure he knows what I look like. But I don’t know what he looks like. I think we all need to be aware of who to look out for,” she said, “I need to know who I’m supposed to be staying away from and I shouldn’t have to go to court to do that to see who he is,” she said.
A UPS spokesperson released this statement: "The safety and security of our campus community is our highest priority. We have protocols in place that we followed to alert the campus community of this and other issues of concern, and to support those who are or may be most directly affected.
Security Services staff are vigilant regarding potential risks to campus and notify campus of potential concerns. In addition to our own Security Services staff and emergency response teams, we are deeply appreciative of a strong partnership with Tacoma Police, with whom we work closely to promote a safe environment.”

KING 5 asked the University of Puget Sound why it did not post the name or photo of Adam Randolph after he was determined to be the suspect and/or after he was charged.
A spokesperson replied: "It was not determined to be a best practice in this case."
Randolph is being held on $50,000 bail. Peckham said she will not return to UPS as faculty in the spring.
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