Must Read: Prof. Alphonsus Ekwereike talks about his STEM-Invention technology Program.

I am a son, brother, father & friend to Imolites and feel obliged to share my STEM-Invention technology Program with them. 
In every situation that prevails, someone feels it right & others wrong,some one gets richer & others poor, some one gets healthier & others sick, some one gets happier & others sad.Some one runs away & others stay put.

Prof. Alphonsus Ekwerike talks about STEM-invention Technology Program
Our land is naturally fertile but now droughts because of misapplication of fertilizer but my innovated compose land plate symbiotic section technology would cure  the droughts & land infertility that the Nigerian farmers are experiencing & save them from the neuroroxic spongifibrous syndrome (Morgellons) that fake fertilizers cause.
Farming is the first job mandate divinely given to man at the garden of Eden & a guarantee of bountiful harvest was decreed with man having to sweat it out tilling the ground &  having  rich harvest thereafter.Why sweating, tilling the ground & having no harvest?  For any nation or state to strive to greatness, food must be abundant to the people & the society must have a robust program in agricultural promotions & farmers supports.

This, I am teaching in my STEM-invention Technology Program 's innovative agriculture & food nutrition class.Innovation of cultural based mechanization of agriculture & food culture celebration grows a nation & more to that, determines how healthy that society is & will be Imo State is blessed abundantly in human & natural resources & the way out & up to the height of expected prosperity is to uptake innovative agriculture & explore her endowed natural resources.

My innovated land-plate symbiotic section (2S) technology should be taught from primary schools to universities and from streets to every home & families.Farmers are feeders of nations & must be technologically equipped & made wealthy & healthier Agriculture is the main route to nation's wealth & must be greatly supported with financial grants & land allocations.Organized farmers' market shall be in every village, towns & local government areas.

We can achieve this feat  with my innovated landplate symbiotic secrion (S2) technology.As a son, brother, father & friend to Imolites,I feel their pains & hear their cries & I am here  with them to use innovations to heal our land & chart a new course  to our expected 21st century  divine destinies.May God bless our leaders,people & land. Imo State  must flow like Imo river & flourish with this new course . 
I am an Imolite & I am proud that I am.
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