The diaspora effect is a must in 2019 election - Prof. Alphonsus Ekwereike

For years our country Nigeria has had a very hard nut to crack in politics & civil administrations. Circling & recycling old administrative  ideas and obsolete procedures in doing things.One of the reasons why this is so is because of the obstruction & disregards to the contributions of Nigerians in diaspora.
Prof. Alphonsus Ekwereike
The theory of like cures like does not & can not work in physical science, economy or Nigeria  & it must be understood that for any nation to advance to the growth norms of 21st century economic advancement calls, immigration must be encouraged. Expatriates must be attracted with the provision of enabling environment & eradication of unnecessary bureaucracy that scuffles innovation & time quantity management calls. African time is anti progress.

In Nigeria's case as it is now, tribal & religious sentiments birth ravaging corruption which in turns, created a repulsive effect in our immigration and as the only answer to revert this repulsion to attract other countries professional expatriates to Nigeria  is to first encourage diaspora Nigerians to come home and join forces with home groomed experts in all works of life & politics to midwife a visible conducive atmosphere that foreigners would appreciate & willingly migrate to invest Nigeria. Nigerians in diaspora are so dynamic, smartly articulated & reason with dictates of life challenges to over come adverse effects overseas.

They are well oriented with the knowledge in science technology, engineering, commerce, economics, health,hospitality, administration etc and as such are very educated, prosperous & civil.Neglecting them now would be a very big mistake that would offtrack the good national efforts made so far,off set the grooming national growth & upscale the Nigeria's citizens massive immigration to other countries to suffer more or die careless on the way like the current Libya embarrassments & slavery of Nigerians. Diaspora inclusions in Nigeria's  economy, administrations & politics would birth a new prosperous Nigeria & help regain the lost national glory , respect & regards.

Nigeria must invite her sons & daughters in diaspora to come &  help in the nation building & must be encouraged to seek elective office come 2019 if Nigeria must overcome her numerous problems now.
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