Nigerians implicated as German police carry out raids to uncover ‘fake marriage"

Dozens of raids in search of couples believed to have created sham marriages in order for the "husbands" to receive residency permits for the European Union, were carried out by hundreds of German police officers on Tuesday morning, May 15. According to reports, the raids resulted in the arrest of one man and four women, after some 41 apartments were searched in Berlin, Potsdam, Frankfurt and Görlitz. 

The arrested male was 50-years-old, while the females were between 46 and 64 years of age. Also, the police disclosed that they were aware of at least 70 sham marriages involving that particular gang. The trafficking gang reportedly pairs Portuguese women with Nigerian men who wish to stay in the European Union (EU), after sourcing for the latter. 

Along with a well-rehearsed love story confirmed by the Portuguese "wife”, the Nigerian men also submit a counterfeit marriage certificate from Nigeria to the German authorities, which they would have procured for around 13,000 euros ($15,550). Within a matter of days, the women would have flown back to Portugal. The German police reportedly carried out the raids to ascertain if the homes look like where a couple resides. They would then subsequently work with Europol, to prove the marriage is a sham. In tandem with the ones in Germany, similar raids were also carried out in Portugal. 
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