Suspected serial killer ‘served her lover’s remains to neighbours at a BBQ’

A woman suspected of being a serial killer has been accused of serving her lover’s remains to neighbours at a barbecue. Kelly M. Cochran is already serving prison sentences after being convicted of murdering husband Joe Cochran and lover Chris Regan. 
Kelly M. Cochran, 34, has been accused of burying multiple victims across the midwest, according to a new documentary (Picture: Lake County Sheriff’s Office)
But her family and friends allege she may also be responsible for nine other deaths – and suspect she cooked and served them Regan’s remains. Cochran, 34, received a 65-year prison sentence last month after pleading guilty to killing her 37-year-old husband with a lethal dose of heroin home in Hobart, Indiana in February 2016. She was already serving a life sentence for shooting and dismembering her 51-year-old lover Regan in Iron River, Michigan, who disappeared in 2014.
Cochran was sentenced to 65 years last month for killing husband Jason Cochran
But brother Colton Gaboyan has alleged in a new documentary called Dead North that there could be more victims across Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Minnesota. The two-part documentary, which will air on Investigation Discovery, follows Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo who led the investigation into Regan’s disappearance.  She began the investigation in October 2014 after getting a tip that Regan had gone missing and met Cochran, who may have been the last person to see him because she was having an affair with him.
Missing poster for Christopher Regan of Iron River, Michigan, who went missing on October 14, 2014 (Picture: Iron River Police)
The case went cold until February 2016, when Jason was found dead of a suspected overdose – but it was later revealed he was murdered. Under interrogation, Cochran admitted she had participated in Regan’s murder because she and her husband had a pact to ‘kill off’ anyone involved in their extramarital affairs.
Kelly Cochran admitted to dismembering lover Regan

She told police most of Regan’s remains had been dismembered but later led Frizzo to the Upper Peninsula Woods where his skull was buried. Court documents say Cochran murdered her husband in revenge for killing Regan. According to Investigation Discovery, as part of her plea deal the state of Indiana can not charge Cochran for the alleged killings. Frizzo said: ‘I’m so grateful that justice was served for Chris Regan, but I firmly believe that there are other victims out there. ‘With new leads regarding their whereabouts, I’m hoping this series will shed light on the case and allow me to finish the investigation I started.’

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