The Accessibility Myth: An Expose on Andy Uba's Exploits in Anambra South

Accessibility by simple definition is the ability of one to be approachable or reachable. However in governance accessibility comes in many ways, accessibility of one's office and accessibility to the proceeds of the said office.

In 2011, distinguished Senator Andy Uba after being sworn into office as Senator representing the good people of Anambra South established coordinators and liason officers within the local governments and communities in Anambra south, these coordinators served as contact points through which Anambra constituents are to channel communal and development issues that falls within the office of the Senator. These issues ranges from, but are not limited to, unavailability of pine borne water in communities, dilapidation of school buildings, breakdown of transformers in communities, inaccessible routes/roads.

Ever since, the Senator who receives regular updates from his aides on issues bothering his constituents has never failed to reachout and provide needed public utilities to communities based on priority and need.

On the last count every community within Anambra south have been touched with one development project or another.

From transformer installations in Uli Ihiala LGA and many communities in Ihiala to renovations of classroom blocks in Ukpor Nnewi South LGA, establishment of power station in Uga Aguata LGA, classroom renovations and construction of borehole in communities in Orumba North and South LGAs, construction of Umueze-Umuezedim rural access road Ozubulu in Ekwusigo LGA, construction of classrooms and provision of transformer in communities such Uruagu and Umudim in Nnewi North LGA.

Indeed, all the 77 communities in Anambra south has recieved one public utility or another through the social interventions of distinguished Senator Andy Uba.

In addition to these, Senator Uba attends communal events, festivals and programmes, where he often makes personal donations for the good, progress and development of these communities.

He runs an active twitter page and facebook page and has operational offices in and out of Anambra south. He once moved a motion in the Senate for managing flooding and the challenges of the rainy season after many of his constituents complained about the problems they face with erosions especially in rainy times.

Senator Andy Uba has proven, over time that he is capable to within the limits of his office as Senator meet the needs of his constituents and is committed to doing more, he is open to addressing the needs of his constituents and has always used his good offices to touch lives in various ways.

By Kingsley Chukwuemeka Ubani

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