Gang members hide cocaine in replica World Cup trophies

Gang members hid cocaine inside replica World Cup trophies in an attempt to smuggle the drugs around Argentina.

Police seized 10kg of the white powder as well as 20kg of marijuana and 1,800 doses of crack cocaine, known as paco, during a raid in Buenos Aires.
The cocaine was hidden across eight replica trophies, each holding about 1.5kg of cocaine.
It is believed the gang took place of football fever to disguise their goods as merchandise.

According to the government’s security department, they operated in several places throughout the capital city.
Security minister Cristian Ritondo said: “These merchants of death have endless ingenuity, but don’t be fooled. They shouldn’t be admired. On the contrary… they are now in jail.
“That’s why we insist that we do not have to make television series, we have to lock them up and we have to applaud the investigators who put them behind bars.”
As well as the drugs, police seized two high-end vehicles and two firearms.

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