Theresa May’s backdrop collapses again in Prime Ministerial recurring nightmare (WATCH)

We’re sure it’s nothing to do with a sign the universe hates benefit sanctions, Brexit and legal aid cuts. (Or is it?) But the set falling down around the prime minister as she tries to speak isn’t the best optics, and unfortunately it’s becoming something of a pattern.
Theresa May had to turn around and put her hand on the backdrop to keep it together while addressing the Policy Exchange summer party yesterday. She made a joke about it and tried to steer the conversation back to how she is presiding over ‘a modern, reforming, compassionate Conservative Party’. Judge the strength of this metaphor for yourselves, though:

Journalist Owen Bennett spotted the awkward moment in time to get footage of it, for the Huffington Post. It was all too reminiscent of the Tory Party conference last year, when the letters behind her promising a better future literally started falling down as she spoke. That speech really wasn’t the best for the PM, as she had a serious cough and had to be passed Strepsils just to carry on speaking. A prankster also managed to get up on stage to hand her a P45.

During her speech to Policy Exchange yesterday, she said the real political energy was on the centre right and claimed the economy and society could work well for people through the power of free markets with government oversight. Don’t read too much into the set falling down though – Tory consultant Alex Deane thinks he noticed another sign to cancel it out: ‘Rain was threatened as clouds loomed over us. But the prime minister arrived and the clouds parted and blue skies emerged!’

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