"There is no difference between Nigerian Air and MMM" - See all the social media reactions as FG suspends proposed National Carrier Project

Moments ago, Hadi Sirika, minister of state for aviation announced that Nigerian federal government has suspended the national carrier project indefinitely.

“I regret to announce that the Federal Executive Council has taken the tough decision to suspend the National Carrier Project in the interim. All commitments due will be honoured. We thank the public for the support as always" he tweeted.

Many Nigerians and opposition members who criticised the project from the start have now taken to social media to drag the heck out of the Federal Government,

See all the reactions below...
Please where are all the people dusting their CVs for Nigeria Air, eez like they have started recruiting o
Nigeria Air is dead on arrival as we predicted. FG has suspended the idea after spending money on a useless logo launch.

It will eventually become impossible to defend Buhari/APC's chronic incompetence.
If you actually looked at this Nigeria air and the way it was handled and believed it will work, you are actually stupid 🤣🤣🤣
NIGERIA AIR is suspended? Jesu! 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

May we never experience another Muhammadu Buhari and @APCNigeria government in Nigeria till rapture.
We paid 1.5 billion to 6 companies on consultation for Nigeria Air. Now I hear the entire project is cancelled. 😂.
To those who celebrated too soon. Coman take ya 👇
After all the money spent no Nigeria Air....when they said they were bringing change they meant they'll steal all our money and leave us with the (you guessed right) change
It was all a big fraud, an avenue to empower the “boys” 4 elections.First, AGF paid 17 Billion for a job already paid for by GEJ, then they came with Nigeria Air. All that millions spent junketing round the world and designing logo gone. BMC hailed it.Let’s wait for another scam.
Congratulations to the consultants that worked on the Nigeria Air gig. Shikili work, plenty money.
The most intellectually fraudulent thing even done here was the nonsense about how being positive about Nigeria Air meant some form of patriotism &that those that condemned the idea were bad peopl.The bad guys are those who did threads based on a manifestly foolish idea.
Remember when people were saying Nigeria Air would take off and some were swearing for them and calling them prophets of doom??

Engine for the plane sef never warm they don cancel the whole thing..

What a bad time to be a Buharist! How do you defend this Nigeria Air palava?
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