Anambra South Senatorial race: It's my turn now – Chris Uba

The Anambra South senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in next year’s general elections, Chief Chris Uba, on Friday said he was contesting the senatorial  seat against his elder brother, Andy Uba, of the All Progressives Congress, because he would not want him (Andy) to overstay his usefulness at the red chamber. 

Chief Chris Uba

Speaking with journalists in Awka, the Anambra State capital, the PDP candidate said his brother who is vying for a third term in the senate should progress politically instead of stagnating at a place as a senator.
He said, “My brother has been there for eight years and must take a bow now.
“I pray for my brother to go higher; he can become a governor or vice president but not a senator again.
“It is now my turn. I want him to throw in the towel because the fight is going to be very serious.”
Uba who said he had played the role of political godfather for over two decades in Anambra and beyond, said he had decided to be a contestant in the present dispensation to correct some anomalies in the system.
He expressed dissatisfaction at the way politicians treat the masses after elections, stressing that power must belong to the people and not to a few privileged politicians.
He added, “I want to run because we have been sponsoring politicians in Anambra State and across Nigeria. I have been doing that and a lot of people have passed through my school.
“But they call us godfathers, we have made case several times for the party to make some provisions in the party’s constitution to protect godfathers, but no way, no provision.
The truth remains that godfathers are closer to the grassroots. A lot of people depend on us, a lot of families depends on us and many families today are hungry.
But after sponsoring politicians, immediately they get to Abuja, you can't get them on the telephone again, no body will see them again, they buy all choice cars and the nest thing they will blackmail you.
Little thing, they will start fighting you, they will say they know the president, they've known the party chairman and as a godfather, you are in trouble. So, now we need to occupy offices to protect our position and the position of our people. That is why i am running for the senate.
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