We know Azuka Okwuosa as a Knight of the Anglican Church. He was the failed Commissioner of Works in the failed administration of Chinwoke Mbadinuju. He was a former chairman of old Nnewi LGA, but his tenure was notorious for inaction. For years, he was an unrepentant apologist and great supporter of Sen. Dr. Andy Uba. He was the Senator's cheerleader and vociferous praise singer.

We know that Okwuosa now wants to replace his leader, Andy Uba, in the Senate but unfortunately doesn't know how and where to begin. We want to assist him.

The contest for a Senate seat especially, Anambra South senatorial seat, occupied by no less a person than Dr. Andy Uba, is not for the chickenhearted. Sen. Uba is not only a ranking Senator, he is also one of the most hardworking senators of the 8th Senate.

The seat he presently occupies in the Senate is not for those who are seeking ways and means of spending their brother's wealth. It is not for people whose ambition will depend on someone else's deep pocket. It is also not for someone who has a handler.

Andy Uba's seat in the Senate is for people who stand on their own legs, not on other person's legs. It is not for people whose daily bread are still provided by another. It is for those who answer to themselves and not to others. The seat is for people who dictate their own tunes and not for people who dance to tunes dictated by others.

In a senatorial contest, especially one where your opponent happens to be a major political force and grassroot generalissimo as Andy Uba, you need experienced soldiers, who had seen and won many battles, in every front of the battle and not Boy's scouts or kids still in diapers, the kind that are mismanaging Azuka Okwuosa and his media presence.

If you must challenge your mentor or one, that over the years, you have called leader, you must take care not to behave as someone with memory loss. You should remember your mentor's goodwill and how your mentor often responded when you called him "Oga" and how he responded at the times you cried for help. We are reminding Azuka Okwuosa, not to disregard gratitude and respect in his ambition. When this battle is over and he loses as he would lose, he will need his mentor on his side for cushioning effects.

Avoid using  nitwits to invoke profanities. Andy Uba is not a chameleon. Don't use empty headed entities to challenge sacred truths. Sen. Andy Uba is not a failure in the Senate. Don't use desperados to remove the old landmarks. Anambra South is already a ranking zone in the Senate. The zone does not want to revert to a greenhorn status in the Senate.

Don't do any of these things because you are only ambitious, not insane. You should be running fairly and not lying cheaply. This is an electoral contest between a leader and his courageous follower and not the war between Lucifer and Angel Michael.

We would like Azuka Okwuosa and his Boys scouts to know that Andy Uba is not a chameleon but lion of the jungle. To scare a lion, you need more than empty noise.

Andy Uba is not an underperforming senator. In the 109 member red chamber, this distinguished senator is recorded as one of the senators with highest number of bills. This is not the record of an under performer but obviously, that of an achiever and iconic performer.

Since lawmaking is the primary function of the Senate, we acknowledge Andy Uba as a true champion of the 8th Senate. By questioning Uba's performance in the Senate, Okwuosa may have exposed disturbing ignorance, anti social traits and adult delinquent syndrome.

We also want to correct the false impression, that Uba's return to the Senate will be calamitous, as alleged by Okwuosa's Boy's scouts. The truth is that Okwuosa's presence in the Senate will be the real calamity. It will be a lunatic choice. It will mean replacing Anambra South's ranking status with a greenhorn, and losing all the privileges accrued and accrueable to a ranking zone, including the likelihood of the zone producing the next Senate President. In a third tenure, Sen. Andy Uba , will have become the highest ranked APC senator from the Southeast Geopolitical zone. No one wants to change this equation.

The 8th Senate will still be serious business and not a tea party. The qualification for the 8th Senate will be proven record of legislative competence and achievements, as Andy Uba possesses and not hilarious ambition as bandied by Okwuosa's comedians.

We recall that during the 2015 battle for the same Anambra South senatorial seat, when Okwuosa's kinsman, Chief Ernest Ndukwe battled Andy Uba, Okwuosa was a General in Uba's army that overran Ndukwe. If by Okwuosa's involvement in Uba's campaign then, he was acknowledging, that Ndukwe was not a match for Andy Uba, we wonder how Okwuosa could become a match for Uba's legislative experience, as Ndukwe towers over him with embarrassing statistics.

We know that Sen. Andy Uba loves competition, so we wouldn't ask Okwuosa to call his Boy's scouts to order. We will rather ask him to guide them with truth; that Andy Uba is not stopping him from aspiring to the Senate. What will fortunately stop him are Andy Uba's weighty achievements in the Senate and Okwuosa's grievous lack of electoral value. That's the tragedy of his ambition.

Anambra South APC Youth Vanguard.
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