Meet the Nigerian Professor Who Discovered and Fought Against Iodine Deficiency in Nigeria

Nigeria and Beyond gets Set to Honour Prof Louis Ekpechi, on the 22nd of October 2018 in Enugu State in a Grand Affair for his life long contribution to Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD)

Prof Louis Onuorah Victor Ekpechi whose initials spell L.O.V.E was renowned and Accomplished Medical Professional. e was Personal Physician and close friends with Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe.  A Brilliant Mind he Made Professor at the age of 40.
He was also the First Pro Chancellor Of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka which he put a lot of work into before he went to be with the Lord in 2004. His Life, Work and contributions to Iodine Deficiency Disorder was recognized and Honour sadly, a year after his passing in 2005.
He was a wonderful Husband to Beautiful Matron of UNTH Georgina Ekpechi, Father five amazing children. 

The Louis Love Nest Foundation is set to honour late Prof. Onuora Louis Victor Ekpechi on his contribution during the research on Iodine Deficiency Disorder and Endocrinology in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.


Louis Love Nest Foundation was founded in 2017 Children and Grandchildren of Prof Louis Onuorah Ekpechi whose initials spell L.O.V.E. He lived an exemplary life as he walked daily in Love for Humanity and Mankind. Louis Love Nest Foundation is set to honour the physician on 22nd of October 2018 and has hired the services of Ndidi Kennedy-Ukaga of AT Media and Events as Consultant.

Louis Love Nest Foundation in Collaboration with The College of Mediicine wishes to celebrate this great Physician and Scientist in a one day event with the theme: "Advance the Frontier of research and knowledge in IDD and Endocrinology" at the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus.

The consultant managing the event, Mrs Ndidi Kennedy-Ukaga, CEO of AT Media & Events spoke with HRL News after been hired as the official event consultant to manage the event. She said, "I have no doubt that this event is going to be a huge success and this is a wake-up call to celebrate our National Hero."


Media Gurus Raezy Winston OF Rhythm Fm Lagos, Kromatik Media headed by Ndali Modebe Blogger and DAME PR took the L.N.T to the next level when they Stormed Enugu, Nsukka and Onitsha from Lagos to shoot The Documentary of the Century on The Life, Work and Times of Professor Louis Ekpechi. It was great to work together with like minds to achieve a great production. Coming Soon!

Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) results in the single largest cause of preventable Brain Damage worldwide.
Majority of consequences of IDD are invisible and irreversible but at the same time these are preventable.  To combat the risk of IDD, salt is fortified with iodine. However, an estimated 400 million people do not consume adequately iodized salt and, therefore, are at risk for IDD. 71 per cent households consuming adequately iodized salt.

The IDD control goal is to reduce the prevalence of IDD below 10 per cent in the entire country by 2012.
Mainstreaming of IDD control in policy making, devising State specific action plans to control IDD, strict implementation of Food Safety and Standards addressing inequities in iodized salt coverage (rural-urban, socio-economic), providing iodized salt in Public Distribution System, strengthening monitoring and evaluation of IDD programme and ensuring sustainability of IDD control activities are essential to achieve sustainable elimination of IDD in India.
The 43rd World Health Assembly held at Geneva, in May 1990 recognized IDD elimination as a major priority.
It adopted Universal Salt Iodization (USI) as the preferred strategy to achieve the goal of IDD elimination by 2000.
The United Nations World Summit for Children, 1990 attended by 71 Heads of State and other senior officials of 15 Member States, adopted a plan of action for elimination of IDD by the year 2000.
In 2002, in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on children, a new goal was adopted for IDD elimination by 2005.
Impressive gains have been made in household-level coverage of adequately iodized salt (more than 15 part per million of iodine content) globally.
Currently 145 countries worldwide have implemented USI and over 71 per cent of the population worldwide consumes adequately iodized salt.
Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) are linked to Iodine Deficient Soil. 
Due to Flooding, Rivers changing course and Deforestation the iodine present in top soil is constantly leached.
This in turn leads to deficiency of iodine in crops grown on iodine deficient soil with consequently low iodine in the diet for livestock and humans.

Having access to Food and Nutrition is a fundamental right. Nutrition which ensures optimal actualization of human resources and overall progress and development of a society and nation.

Malnutrition (both Under- and Over Nutrition) is currently one of the biggest challenges being faced by the modern world.
Deficiencies of iodine, iron, folic acid, vitamin A and zinc are the leading five causes of micronutrient deficiencies which constitute a global public health problem.

IDD are a Major Challenge to the Health of Populations the world over particularly among preschool children and pregnant women in low-income countries. Globally two billion people are at risk of iodine deficiency disorders due to insufficient iodine intake. Nearly 266 million school-aged children worldwide have insufficient iodine intake. Of the 130 countries which reported data for IDD in 2006 (comprising 91.1% of the total global population), IDD was a public health problem in 47 countries.

In the past, iodine deficiency was thought to cause only Goitre and Cretinism. However, over the last quarter of the century, it has become increasingly clear that iodine deficiency leads to a much wider spectrum of disorders commencing with the intrauterine life and extending through childhood into adult life with serious health and social problems.
The Spectrum of Diseases includes:
Cretinism (Hindered Growth),
Brain Damage,
Still Biirth,
Mental Retardation,
Psychomotor Defects and
Hearing and Speech Impairment
Majority of consequences of IDD are invisible and irreversible but at the same time preventable.

 Sponsors or participants should to please reach out to us and spread the word!

Venue: UNCOMMA Lecture Hall, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla
Time: 10am
Date: 22nd October 2018
Colour Of The Day: Sky Blue and Cream
A Day Long Celebration to Honour Professor OLV Ekpechi...

20th October 2018 Louis Love Nest Foundation visits charity homes in Designated Locations Enugu, Onitsha, Lagos Abuja, London, Atlanta, and South Africa.

Sunday 21st October 2018 Thanksgiving Service in Various Locations.
8am : City Wide Walkathon by Youths
10am :Commission of Louis Ekpechi Research Institute
11am: Opening Ceremony under the Distinguished Chairman THE Executive Governor of Enugu state.

5pm BBQ /Red Carpet Evening at 15 Anam Street New Heaven Enugu

Red Carpet●Music●Dance●Drinks●Barbeque
Launching of the Louis Love Nest Foundation● Celebration Of Life! Dance! Shaku! Shaku!

For More Information/ Inquries /Sponsorship/ Partnership
Please Call Ndali Modebe @07068993959; Ndidi Kennedy -Ukaga
HEALTH 2410133622412481441

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