Reno Omokri reacts after President Buhari appoints son-in-law as head of Border Agency

President Buhari has appointed his son-in-law, Junaid Abdullahi, as the head of Nigeria’s Border Communities Development Agency.
Junaid who is a retired Army captain, was married to Zulaihat, President Buhari’s first daughter who passed away in 2012 from childbirth complications. She was 40.
According to reports, Junaid resumed duty as chairman of the border agency in October.
In a post shared on his twitter page today, Reno Omokri accused President Buhari of being a tribalist following the appointment. He wrote
''When we say @MBuhari is a tribalists, blind Buharists attack us. He has quietly appointed Junaid Abdullahi, his son in law and husband of his first daughter, Zulaihat, as the head of Border Communities Development Agency. Are you still going to vote such a tribalist? #RenosDarts'' he wrote
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