Disregard Ayogu Eze's lies - Nkanu Land Not Neglected Says Civic Union


We are a socio-cultural association founded solely to protect and propagate the interests of Nkanu sons and daughters. We do not pretend to hold brief for any other institution, not least of all the Enugu State Government as we are convinced it possesses the requisite wherewithal to do so if it finds it necessary. But rising from a very impressive prayer session held today by the religious leaders in Nkanuland for the sustenance of peace and good governance which we have experienced in the last three and half years under the able leadership of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, our collective attention was drawn to a rather misguided, nay malicious press statement supposedly issued by a faceless group that identified itself as Nkanu Liberation Movement, alleging neglect of the zone by the Enugu State government.

We are therefore compelled to issue this statement, guided by our conscience and the need to set the records straight for posterity. It is really unfortunate that some supposed members of the zone have allowed themselves to be used to pursue the narrow, selfish agenda of a few individuals who do not mean well for the entire Enugu East Senatorial Zone. The Bible cautions that we should not let the dogs taste the food reserved for humans. A seat previously occupied by some of the brightest and best of Nkanuland, including Chief Jim Nwobodo, Ken Nnamani and Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, cannot just literally be thrown to the dogs on the altar of puerile sentiments. To this end, we advise those behind these misleading claims to join hands and work for the collective interest of the zone, rather than hide under a faceless group to excoriate the present administration which indeed, deserves a resounding praise for committing substantial resources to upgrade our communities.

A cursory scrutiny of projects implemented by the present administration so far would reveal that about 60 percent are located in Enugu East Senatorial Zone alone. But in the warped vision of these timorous renegades, Nkanuland means no more than Nkanu West and Nkanu East! Yet, even beginning from Nkanu West, we shall eternally be grateful to this great man of history for lifting the people of Amuri from several decades of sinister abandonment; ditto the people of Ndiagu Akpugo, the people of Obuofia, etc. It must be stated that Nkanuland also includes Isi Uzo, and the Ikem Bridge and the road thereto, the Umualor-Eha Amufu Road, the Eha Amufu- Nkalagu road, the Ebonyi Bidge, etc, mock at the ignorance of these intellectual midgets. So do the Miliken Hill, New Market-Camp 1, Ibuzor, Njamanze, Bonny Lane, Ralph Anakwe streets, Polly Clinic; Amechi Idodo-Amuzam-Amagunze, Ugbawka-Nara-Nkerefi roads, etc, etc! It's wrong therefore for anyone to create the impression that Nkanu West and Nkanu East simply represent the entire senatorial zone. Such notion can only foster division, and not the love and unity which we crave.

We are however happy that the people of the zone, and indeed the entire voting population of the state, on whose votes lie the victory of His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in the election know the truth, and it will continue to set the state free.

 Nwobodo, Innocent Ejike
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