Table Shaking Series: Sheyman says some celebrities do not like the idea of other celebs prospering

Sheyman is shaking a table that has a number of celebrities on it and you should read his thoughts. 

The foremost music producer and singer made this known via his Instagram page on Monday, February 18, 2019. In his post, he says he wonders why some celebrities do not like the idea of other celebrities doing well.
"Why do some stupid celebrities hate progress? Why don't you want the next best man to rise? Why should he go and start from the bottom when he is fit for the task at the top? Can we at least help ourselves from poverty? Later you people will still be the same celebs to beg Nigerians to donate for your kidney problems surgery! Awon werey Oluriburuko! Check my page for more updates," he wrote.

We really don't know who Sheyman was referring to but it's obvious someone got to his nerves, hence this public bashing.
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