Baby Dies After Falling in Bucket of Very Hot Water Kept by His Mother (Photos)

A baby boy has died after falling into a bucket of very hot water kept by his mum for his bath in Ukraine.

The boy identified as, Daniil Chernenko, suffered catastrophic burns as his mother prepared his bath in Ukraine. Doctors had battled to save Daniil Chernenko after he suffered burns to 80 per cent of his body in the village of Salhany in southern Ukraine’s Odessa Oblast region.

His heart stopped beating after 11 days in a critical condition, just two days after his first birthday and staff at the hospital in Odessa were unable to resuscitate him. 

Tetyana Chernenko was with her son when he died and has not been able to forgive herself for what happened, reports say. The incident is said to have unfolded when the baby was about to have a bath. His mother Tetyana Chernenko reportedly brought a bucket with boiling water into the bedroom and put it on the floor near a table.

She planned to mix some boiling water with cold water in a baby bathtub that was standing on the table so she could bath her son. At this point, Daniil was playing on the table near the bathtub. But when his mother turned away for a few seconds to take some cold water, the child fell from the table into the scalding hot bucket of water. Mrs Chernenko said;

‘I saw how he fell in the boiling water. I rushed to the bucket and pulled him out.

‘I hugged him, then wrapped him in a cotton cloth. When I unwrapped him I saw his skin was peeling off.’

Daniil was rushed to hospital in Odessa, the capital city of the region, in critical condition and diagnosed with burns to 80 per cent of his body.

Pictures taken by Katherine Nozhevnikova, a volunteer from a local charity organisation, show Daniil lying on the bed after being hospitalised.

It had been reported that only patches of skin on the youngster’s forehead, fingers and toes escaped being affected.
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