Bare-br3asted mermaids get covered up in Indonesia to respect "Eastern values" after 15 years (Photos)

An Indonesian theme park has covered the bare breasts on two statues to respect "Eastern values" after 15 years.
The nude statues which have been on display for years at Jakarta's Ancol Dreamland were covered with golden tube tops over their chests following a recent policy aimed at respecting "Eastern values." 
Park sources even told AFP, the statues were initially just covered with gold fabric, but they've now also been moved to a more secluded area after visitors kept pulling the coverings down.
Although, the move has confused many with many asking questions about whether the park was forced into the decision.
Ancol Dreamland spokeswoman, Rika Lestari insisted no outside agitators were behind the cover-up.
"There was no pressure from any group," she said. "Ancol is trying to become an amusement park and vacation spot for families."
Earlier, Lestari told the Indonesian newspaper Kompas: "We're Eastern people, we have Eastern culture, so what was inappropriate we made it more appropriate.
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