Breaking: UK Prime Minister, Theresa May says she will resign once her Brexit deal gets approved by Parliament

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May told Conservative lawmakers on Wednesday that she would step down if Parliament approved her plan for withdrawal from the European Union.  

According to James Cartlidge who was present at the meeting, Theresa May told lawmakers during a party meeting that she “will not stay for the next round of negotiations,” but did not give a date for leaving.

Another lawmaker who attended the meeting, Simon Hart, said, “she made clear that providing the withdrawal agreement is passed she would start the process of an orderly handover.”  

The decision to set a time for stepping down had been urged by her advisers as the only way to garner enough votes to get the plan through Parliament. Many Conservatives have been deeply frustrated with her leadership and believe a new leader is needed to lead the next phase of talks with Brussels.
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