Enugu: Teenager 'Raped, Strangled To Death'

Ngozi Eze, a teenager, who had been declared missing hours after she was dropped off by her father for JAMB lessons, has been found dead. 

The incident occurred in Imufu community, Enugu Ezike, Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State.
Her body was found in a bush behind the Community Secondary School in Imufu, and she had been allegedly raped.
According to The Nation newspaper, Jonathan Eze, the deceased’s father, had dropped her off with his motorbike at the lesson centre at Township School, Ogrute, Enugu Ezike.
However, on getting back to the centre to pick her up, he was informed she had left with someone else.
“I left Township School, Ogrute and went home straight, hoping to see her but she wasn’t there. We waited till 8 pm and started looking for her.
“She was not the type that normally socialises. We did not sleep as her telephone number was switched off. It was only this morning (Wednesday) that we got information that her corpse was found here.
“She was to enter the university last year when she completed her secondary education, but we prevailed on her to exercise patience for her elder brother to graduate because we cannot afford to train two persons in the university.
"Since then, she has been working hard to gain admission this year, but this is what has now happened.”
Reverend Father Johnson Nwanonenyi, the parish priest of the area, prayed for the repose of the victims soul at the scene of the incident.
"The perpetrators of this heinous crime will be exposed. God will not allow His creation to be humiliated this way, without punishing them adequately,” the priest said.
Afterwards, her body was taken away by policemen for further investigation.
The policemen, on close observation of the corpse at the scene of the crime, said there were lacerations around her neck and ankles, which indicated she could have been strangled by her rapists.
Her writing materials, handkerchief and shreds of her clothings were scattered around the place where her body was found. 
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