EPL: Zlatan Ibrahimovic says English Premier League is ‘overrated’

LA Galaxy striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has said that the quality of the English Premier League, EPL, is ‘overrated’. 

According to Ibrahimovic, the quality of football in the Premier League was exactly as he expected when he signed for Manchester United from Paris Saint-Germain in 2016. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Speaking on EPL, Ibrahimovic told the Mirror: “It was exactly like I thought it was. 

“It was very hyped, it was very intense, the pace was very high, it was good but the quality is a bit over-rated. 

“Over-rated from a technical point of view. But it is high pace and intense and if you cannot handle those two things, you cannot survive. 

“I don’t regret not having longer in the Premier League. I think everything that happens was meant to happen. 

“The only thing is imagine if I came 10 years before I came. 

“It would be a different story. But I am more sorry for the fans for not coming earlier because they would have seen a different animal.” 

“I had the chance to go to City when I was at Barcelona but after that moment in Barcelona, I needed to find happiness,” Ibrahimovic added. 

"Going back to Italy, I was happy in Italy and I knew I would be happy if I go back and I didn’t know if I would be happy if I go to City because it’s a different challenge. 

“It would have been a new club, which Milan also was. 

“But I knew the city because I had three years at Inter, I knew the country, so I took a little bit of a safe card.” 

Ibrahimovic scored 17 goals in 28 matches during his first season at Old Trafford.
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