Nigeria Tragedy: 10 Children Killed As Building Housing A School Collapsed

Tragedy struck in the city of Lagos in Nigeria when a 3-story building suddenly collapsed. The structure has a school inside thus many children have died in the tragedy.  

Rescue workers help carry a child at the site of a collapsed building    

The latest report on HRL NEWS stated that 10 kids lost their lives and many more are trapped so emergency workers are doing their best to sift through the debris in order to find more survivors. 37 people were rescued alive and although the rescuers do not have an idea about the exact number of people who were in the building when it crumbled, they are hoping to find more survivors. 

Families of those believed to be inside the flattened building have gathered around the ruins and many of them are praying and not giving up hope that their children or relatives would be found alive. People at the scene also rejoice every time a person is pulled out from the rubble and they turn silent if it is a lifeless body. 

HRL News indicated that the building has as many as 100 children since the building's top floors house an elementary school. At this time, an unknown number of victims may still be trapped under the bricks and stones.  

With the deaths, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari extended his condolences to the bereaved families of the victims. 

"I'm extremely saddened by the news of the collapsed building in Itafaaji area of Lagos. It touches one to lose precious lives in any kind of mishap, particularly those so young and tender," the president wrote on Twitter. "May God grant everyone affected by this sad incident fortitude and succor." 

At any rate, while the details as to what caused the collapse are not yet available, HRL News reported that sources revealed the structure was marked for demolition last year.  

However, its occupants refused to leave and apparently, it was inhabited until it gave in on Wednesday.    

"Last year, the government gave them a quit notice that the building was going to be demolished," a witness told the publication. 

Moreover, it was said that disasters like this are common in Nigeria due to poor construction. It was alleged that many structures were built without the supervision or approval of the city's building regulators thus property owners just recklessly add more floors to the already wobbly buildings. 

Lagos state Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode confirmed that the collapsed building was for demolition. He added that it was classified as residential but the top two floors were converted to a school that operated without permission. 
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