Nigerian beauty queen dies after butt enlargement surgery

A Nigerian beauty queen has reportedly lost her life after allegedly undergoing fat transfer and liposuction to enlarge her butt.          

According to reports, Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam, who was crowned as “Face of Democracy Transformation” in 2013, died recently following complications from the procedure.

The doctor who performed the surgery has been identified as Dr. Anu, and own popular Instagram page @med_contour.

Dr. Anu is reported to be currently on the run and both her business and personal number does not go through.

The tragic death of the beauty queen has sparked reactions from many on social media including prominent politician Femi Fani Kayode.

In his tweet, the former minister under Obasanjo administration admonished Nigerian women to be satisfied with their natural buttocks.

“Just heard about the ex-beauty queen who died during a buttock enlargement procedure in Lagos. So Sad. And what a terrible way to go. The surgeon that did the operation is now on the run. Those that are not satisfied with their buttocks must beware. Vanity upon vanity! RIP,” he tweeted.

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