Reality star Cynthia Bailey shares graphic photo of removed tumor from her back

American model and Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey, who had a lipoma tumor removed from her back last year, took to her Instagram to share a back-shot of her surgery mark covered with a bandage along with the huge tumor that was removed.
Sharing the photos and reflecting on the surgery, the 52-year-old mother of one wrote:
'Last year this time, I had a lipoma tumor removed from my back. Thank God it was non-cancerous. However, I can't help but wonder sometimes what if it had been. My life could have changed overnight. Woke up feeling so blessed and full of gratitude this morning. I do not take my life, or my health for granted.
I choose to focus on the things that are healthy for my mind, body, spirit and soul. Remove all stress & toxicity. When God wants your attention, he will get it. At first, it may be a tap on the shoulder, then a punch in the shoulder, and then he may kick you down. Thank you God for continuously blessing me, and directing me towards love, light, and peace. I am forever humbled and grateful to you. 
Not my will, God’s will be done??#reflection #52cynt #gratitude #godsplan
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