#SurvivingCardiB trends globally following the release of old videos where she admitted to drugging men and stealing from them

American rapper. Cardi B is currently under a lof of fire globally following the release of some controversial old videos where she admitted to drugging men and stealing from them.

After the video went viral, the rapper was unapologetic and warned people to stop harassing her (read here).

But as the backlash intensified and people called for her to be arrested for sexual assault, she posted another update addressing the videos. (Read HERE)

Now, everyone is reacting to the story and calling for her to face the full force of the law just like R Kelly.

See all the reactions below...
Feminists have suddenly gone mute on this episode but they all had erections for R Kelly, Harvey, Cosby... lol

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@iamcardib sometimes you talk too much and too loud. I don’t wish downfall on successful peps, HOWEVER!! you bragged about the same wrong doings that got one of my Idol Legacy ruined!! 🀦🏾‍♂️

And think we gonna let this fly?

You next!! 😌

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She made racist and transphobic comments.
She publicly admitted to using payola and to having a ghostwriter.
She got innocent women beaten up.
She publicly admitted to robbing men and stealing money from them.
It's time that this disgusting pig gets locked up.

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Ladies and gentlemen of the twitter jury... In her defense she never said she “drugged and had sex” she said she “drugged and robbed”. Making my client innocent of any sexual based crimes

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Strippers and prostitutes be playing mfs all the time, that’s what happens when you fall victim to lust. Crazy thing is this shit is new to some people with all this shit, smdh

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This hashtag is just another example of fake outrage. Do you know HOW MANY RAPPERS you would have to CANCEL based on their "street life"? Chile! Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Jay Z? Do I need to keep going? Nobody said its right. Thats HER REALITY.

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The amount of women defending CardiB is fucking mind blowing, let it had been a woman being drugged and taking advantage of, they'd be throwing themselves on the ground like burn victims

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She be telling on herself 🀦🏽‍♀️ talked about dead babies, called black people roaches πŸ™„, be sayin n***a all the time and etc y’all be letting her get away wit this just to hear the next rap she didn’t write or do on her own 🀦🏽‍♀️πŸ“

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These men were soliciting sex. Everybody needs to calm the f**k down. She robbed men that keeps human sex trafficking going. Yal' act like her actually fucking men 4 money would have been better. I'm not mad. @iamcardib explanation seemed honest.

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anybody seeing nothing wrong in what Cardi B did is blinded by ignorance.
Like wtf. Trying to make it look like an equality shit and all about women.
You want equality? Go share a cell with Bill Cosby. We'll start from there.

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And to be honest, I work with teens who have been kicked out of their homes and have had to do the same shit to survive. We’ve all done shit to survive.. so I’m not judging or approving the actions.

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Cardi B says shes not proud of her past in response to the backlash she received after saying she used to drug and rob men when she was a stripper.

Bill Cosby were you proud of what you did?Nope

Ok we will be uncanceling Bill Cosby. Sources say he was NOT proud

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when you approach a stripper and ask to take them to your room you just agreed to prostitution. You are going to pay for sex which is illegal and punishable by jail time and you cry foul when a stripper robs you?

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