Wendy Williams found drunk and rushed to hospital after learning her husband's mistress gave birth

Wendy Williams was rushed to the hospital after she was found drunk and "in a bad way" following news her husband's mistress had welcomed a child.
Sharina Hudson, the mistress of Wendy's husband, Kevin Hunter, gave birth to a baby girl.
According to Daily Mail, Wendy, who has been splitting her time between the studio and a sober living house, where she's spent the last few weeks, didn't take the news too well when she found out about her husband's new baby.
Despite the talk show host telling fans that everything was completely fine with her family, Williams was spotted on Monday without her wedding ring and on Tuesday, it's being reported that she was rushed to the hospital after a relapse. The entertainer was reportedly found drunk and in a "bad way" before she was brought to the hospital.
At the medical facility, Wendy was reportedly given IV fluids to help her sober up.

Wendy has reportedly known about Sharina for a long time but she never believed that her husband would take things this far. After the baby was born, Wendy allegedly checked herself out of the sober living home and began travelling in the direction of her New Jersey home. Along the way, she stopped to get alcohol when word got back to her team and tried to drown her sorrows. By the time her team found her, she was drunk.
Despite being admitted to the hospital, Wendy still made it to the studio for her taping hours later.
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