Woman suffers anaphylactic shock and almost dies after swallowing partner’s semen during oral sex

A woman suffered anaphylactic shock after swallowing her partner's semen during oral sex.
The unidentified 31-year-old was rushed to hospital after she started vomiting, breaking out in hives and struggling to breathe.
At the hospital in Alicante, Spain, she told medics that she was allergic to penicillin but said she hadn't taken the drug before delivering the blow job.
It was later discovered that her partner had been on a course of amoxicillin-clavulanic acid - a form of penicillin - to treat an ear infection. According to doctors at Hospital General Universitari d'Alacant, the drug had worked its way down into the man's semen and entered the woman's mouth, causing her to suffer a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.
Reactions to penicillin have happened via kissing before, but this is thought to be the first through oral sex. The woman's partner is thought to have taken the drug in question four hours before having sexual contact with her.

To treat her allergies, the woman was given a dose of adrenalin and steroids and she was breathing normally within six hours. After a week, she had recovered entirely. She didn't attend the follow-up appointment she was given.
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