GRAPHICS PHOTOS: Nigerian man appreciates God after the bus he almost boarded got involved in an accident, killing everyone onboard

A Nigerian man, Ini David, is in a thanksgiving mood after he escaped a fatal car accident that claimed the lives of all its occupants yesterday April 7th. Taking to his Facebook page to express his gratitude to God, Ini said he was meant to have boarded the bus that was heading to Lagos but changed his mind. He wrote

''Please help me thank this beautiful God. I didn't know that God loves me this much!!!
This happened this morning 7th April 2019.
Don't know if am to jump, dance, lie down on the expressway or cry for joy. 

This happened this morning on our way to Lagos.
My colleagues and I wanted taking this very bus from Abuja,but suddenly had a change of mind and joined the next. 
I remember a Coper lady asking me why we decided not to join their bus. Which I explained to her that "We just felt like it"

We left few minutes after they drove out,not too far from the pack I told my colleague that... I'm led in the spirit to lead us in some worship & prayer section committing our journey into God's hands. Shortly after the worship and prayers, it started raining heavily Just after Gwagwalada,that we had to stop. Reaching Ife only to discover that thesame bus that left before ours has been envolved in an accident with Dangote trailer,and No one came out alive (Including the pretty Coper I spoke with at the pack).???
Lord I just can't thank you enough ????

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