Nigerian Law graduate dies while being treated for malaria

A student of the Nigerian Law School, Abuja Chapter, has died while being treated for malaria for two weeks. 

Seyi Fatoba, a law graduate of Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti and law student at Nigeria law school, was taken to the hospital where she was being treated for malaria.
She wasn’t getting better and complained of “swollen legs and great discomfort”, yet the malaria treatment continued until she passed on.
Friends who described her as a brilliant woman have blamed the poor state of Nigeria’s health care for her death. They claim she was rejected by a private hospital and another hospital lacked enough Oxygen.
A friend wrote:
Good Night in the Afternoon our learned Friend.
Nigeria LAW School Abuja, thanks for treating Malaria for good two weeks, even after she complained of swollen legs and great discomfort, even when she languished in pains and in agony.
Nigeria LAW school Abuja, I hope after her demise, you will have enough Oxygen, the Private Hospital that rejected her, I hope you have more rejection letters, the state hospital she died, I hope you have five stars mortuaries.
After rejecting the oxygen mask severally, she opted for a 10 minutes sleep and that was all.
On her dying bed she still sent her best FRIEND message “SORRY”. Seyi Fatoba was Brilliant and a very strong Fighter of goodwill.
Why leave when ovation is at pick?
Seyi Fatoba was a law graduate of Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti and Law Student at Nigeria LAW school Abuja Chapter.

May her Soul rest in Peace!
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