Outrage as Amazon is caught selling s@x doll which comes tied up and gagged

There has been a massive outrage from customers after a "nauseating sex doll" of a woman tied up and gagged was put up for sale on Amazon.

The online shopping giant has been forced to remove the doll, priced at £61, from the site amid the backlash. Critics criticized the sale of the doll and said it promotes "male sexual abuse".

Photo of the sex toy shows it sitting in a corner, dressed in a childlike pink skirt and white top, with its hands and ankles tied-up and a gag over its mouth

The doll was described as "safe and easy to clean" and customers were advised not to "worry about twisting or tearing" as it can "withstand 380 pounds of pressure". It was also described as "very flexible", with a "variety of movements or postures that subtly match all your interests".

A woman from London who was angered by the sale of the adult toy wrote: 

A child, depicted as helpless and terrified in a corner. Sold for male sexual (ab)use
The doll is fitted with fully usable, realistic hairless sex organs and the company is proud that it can withstand the weight of men weighing up to 380 lbs.
I am shocked to my core that Amazon is selling this. No “report” button, either!It pains me so much that we, as a society, are allowing this sort of thing to be sold at all.
It appals me even more that they are sold so openly on a popular, family-friendly site such as Amazon, because that normalises the mentality that demands, creates, sells and buys such utterly nauseating products.

One social media user wrote: "That is disgusting. I can understand sex dolls, but tied up like that resembling an underage girl. Wow. I’m lost for words."

Another said: "If you search Amazon for ‘adult dolls for men’ you will find 3000 gross items. I’m calling and complaining daily. The complaint can be expedited to manager by request. Everyone take a few minutes to let Amazon know why this is wrong."

A woman in support of the sale of the doll wrote: "You guys are all incapable of reading. The doll is 5’5″. This doll has breasts. This is not a child but a woman. Japanese people are often into “Shibari”. Yes, that’s tying someone up in beautiful knots. Yes. That’s consensual. It might double as a sextoy too."

Reacting to the backlash, an Amazon spokesman said: "Sellers who don’t follow guidelines can have accounts removed. These products are no longer available."
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