Queen stopped Meghan Markle from wearing tiara Diana wore but Kate Middleton is allowed to wear it

New reports claim Queen Elizabeth is not so pleased with some of Meghan Markle's behaviour

and she wants her to know her place in the family.

The Queen is said to like Meghan as a person but wants her to know her place within the family because she is keen to maintain the hierarchy in the royal family.

The monarch has reportedly banned the Duchess of Sussex from wearing some of the jewellery in the Royal Collection, which has caused more friction between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William. Her majesty gladly loaned iconic jewels to Princess Diana and the Kate Middleton. But she wouldn't loan them to Meghan yet. This is her way of maintaining the hierarchy.

A source said:

This is a surprising situation that has been going on behind the scenes over the past few months and has caused tension and upset, especially for Harry.
It is at the discretion of the Queen and trusted advisers which items in the Royal Collection she chooses to loan out and to whom.
Aspects of Meghan’s behaviour, including before the Royal Wedding, caused resentment with forces within Buckingham Palace.
To be perfectly honest, the Queen herself was not impressed with some of Meghan’s demands, especially as a new member of the family.
As a result, Buckingham Palace has decided that not all items from the Queen’s Royal Collection will be opened up to Meghan.

The Queen made Prince William aware of her decision to ban Meghan from wearing the jewels made famous by his mother. That is said to have sparked further tension between Prince William and his brother Prince Harry.

The Queen is said to like Meghan personally but is keen to show that William and Kate are the more senior royals. The decision may be revisited at a later date when Meghan is more established.
The source added that the Queen is keen to show that there is a correct order within the family.
"Even if Meghan is the most popular woman in the world, she is of a lower rank than Kate," they added.

There were tensions in the run-up to the royal wedding last May when Meghan wanted to wear an emerald tiara. Harry was said to have declared that "what Meghan wants, Meghan gets" but the Queen stepped in and she wore a 1932 Queen Mary diamond tiara instead.
Meghan had wanted to wear a tiara during the royal tour around the Commonwealth last year. But Prince Charles stepped in and told her that showing off the family wealth in Fiji would be seen as "extravagant."
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