Sudanese army deploys around Khartoum in possible coup

In a possible coup move, Sudan’s army deployed troops around the defence ministry, while soldiers and security agency personnel were deployed on key roads and bridges in Khartoum early on Thursday, as thousands of people flocked to an anti-government protest outside the ministry.

Earlier, state television said the armed forces would make an important announcement amid speculation a coup attempt could be underway against President Omar al-Bashir following months of protests against his 30-year rule.
As the country and the world await the announcement, more people joined the sit-in outside the ministry in central Khartoum, where protesters chanted: “It has fallen, we won.”
Several military vehicles carrying troops entered the compound in the early hours of Thursday, witnesses said.
And witnesses said many army vehicles carrying troops were deploying in the centre of Khartoum early Thursday.
The group spearheading the nationwide demonstrations urged residents of the capital to mass outside army headquarters.
“We call on our people from across the Khartoum capital and the region around to immediately go to the sit-in area and not leave from there until our next statement is issued,” the Sudanese Professionals Association said.
The army had on Tuesday aborted attempts by security agents to disperse the crowds when soldiers countered their volleys of tear gas by firing in the air, witnesses said.
Sudan’s police also later ordered its forces not to intervene against protesters.
“We call on God to preserve the security and calm of our country… and to unite the Sudanese people… for an agreement which would support the peaceful transition of power,” it said in a statement.
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