UK Breaks Easter Records With 25C ‘Heatwave’

The UK has set new Easter temperature records, with the mercury soaring all the way to 25 degrees Celsius. The Met Office said records had been set for both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, as people flocked to the outdoors to enjoy the balmy weather.

Though “heatwave” might seem an exaggerated term to many Australians, the Met Office said temperatures were usually at least 10 degrees lower at this time of year, from 12C-15C reaching up to 23C.
And England toppled its own record on Monday, with a top of 25C in the country’s south.
Australia’s capitals are currently giving the English heatwave a run for their money, with temperatures of between 21C and 24C in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.
Melbourne (17.7C) and Hobart (19C) are a bit cooler, but temperatures in Perth (26.1C) and Darwin (33.8C) would no doubt have the British reaching for the air-con.
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