Association of Nigerian Orthodontist Celebrates World Orthodontic Health Day

The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Ituku-ozala, under the umbrella of the Nigerian Association of Orthodontists on Wednesday, 15th of May, celebrated the World Orthodontic Health day at the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC), Enugu state

The World Federation of Orthodontist set aside 15th of May every year to celebrate the Orthodontic World Health Day, with this year's theme as "Orthodontics - creating beautiful smiles for all ages".

The event which started at about 9.00am on Wednesday, inside the campus premises was led by the current President of the Nigerian Association of Orthodontists and Head of Department of Child Dental Health, UNTH, Dr. (Mrs.) Nkiru Folaranmi.

In a statement issued by the National President, Dr Folaranmi she said " the core aim of World Orthodontic Health Day Celebration is solely to create a public awareness on the importance of correcting misaligned teeth among individual while also providing free dental examinations and advice to all". 

Dr. Folaranmi also stated that "the choice of UNEC, as event venue was solely to reach out to the youth who currently occupies over 50 percent of the country's population. 

The event was also grace by some passionate dental students of UNEC, who actively participated in the free dental examination of individuals while also matching round the campus with a banner representing World Orthodontic Health Day celebration to help create general awareness about orthodontic activities.

The event was a huge success as it recorded a mammoth crowd of students and youths who came out in their large number for dental examination and check up. 

It was indeed a colourful and memorable celebration day for the Nigerian Association of Orthodontists. 
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