Integration: Ghana to incorporate ECOWAS ID to National ID

Ghana has said that its smart dual-interface cards would incorporate the ECOWAS identity card to save costs and ensure convenience for its citizens.

Members of Ghana’s parliament made this known while presenting the Country Report at the ongoing ordinary session of the ECOWAS Parliament in Abuja on Friday.
According to the report, presented by Ama Boateng on behalf of the country’s delegation, the Ghanaian Government began the card registration on April 29 to end on March 31, 2020.
The government also made agreements with ECOWAS to have the regional biometric card integrated in the Ghanaian card.
In his response to questions from members of the parliament, Mr Mahama Ayariga said that citizens would be able to use the card in various institutions in the country.
“Many institutions were coming up with biometric ID cards and were using state funds that related to their specific area.
“The government took a decision to have one Ghana card that has captured all the information of an individual and the card can be used by any institution to save costs and for convenience of our citizens.”
The card which would be issued to citizens from the age of 15 and above would be valid for 10 years.
Furthermore, the report stated that the country had begun the rehabilitation of its ports at Tema to make it the “Container Hub” for West Africa as part of contributions to the promotion of regional integration.
“This is being done under a Public Private Partnership among Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Meridian Port Holdings of Netherlands and Ballore Transport and Logistics/APM Company of France.
“When completed, Ghana will be the hub for off-loading bigger vessels and containers to other ports on the West Coast.
“It will also be the main hub for moving containers to inland countries like Burkina Faso and Niger.”
Also, the delegation from Cote d’Ivoire and the Gambia presented their country reports.
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