Police force woman to apologize to cab man

A woman filmed screaming abuse at a cabbie has written a note to say how sorry she is.
She went on a rant against Mian Sabir, 39, accusing him of racism and sexism when she was told to get out of his cab.

She also said she hoped he died.
She also said hMian said the argument began on Boxing Day when one of the passengers told him to close the window, but he refused.
She then said she would not pay, so he pulled over and said he would not take them any further without payment.
The passenger then started banging on the taxi windows as her friends tried to restrain her. The woman was made to write a letter to avoid having to go to court
However, she managed to grab hold of his beard while trying to get his phone.
Now she has been made to take part in an ‘adult community resolution’ which can be applied to first-time offenders.
She was made to write a letter which said: ‘Dear Mr Main [sic]. ‘In relation to my actions on 26 December 18, I would like to apologise for causing you upset, alarm + distress.
`My actions were out of order and disgusting – that is not the person I am or want to be. I am embarrassed.
`I am sorry for saying you were racist + sexist. Kind regards.’
Mr Sabir said he accepted the woman’s apology but added it is not the first time he has received racist abuse.
However, this time the woman said she worked for Kirlkees Council and would get his licence revoked so he recorded her.
He said: ‘I don’t usually do anything about it (abuse from customers). I normally let it go. It is unusual for older ladies (to shout abuse), it’s usually younger ones.’ Asked if thought the woman had learned her lesson, Mr Sabir said: ‘Well I hope so. From the apology it looks like she doesn’t want to be the kind of person who is rude and aggressive.’
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