Video: Valverde blames just one person after Barcelona’s loss to Liverpool

Barcelona fans were expected to be celebrating a trip to the Champions League final this lovely Wednesday morning, but they instead lost 4-0 to a resurgent Liverpool at Anfield and their Ernesto Valverde can’t quite believe it. The former Athletic Bilbao coach shouldered the blame for the historic collapse against Liverpool.

“They were better and we have to accept it,” he stated after the match. “The scoreline was 4-0 and when that’s the case there are no excuses. “Their second goal hurt us massively and the third one came in straight after that. “They played well, and we have to congratulate them for reaching the final.”

Valverde had reminded his players before Tuesday’s game of Roma’s quarter-final comeback in last season’s Champions League.

“The most painful thing is that this has happened before,” noted the coach. “It’s very painful for us, especially for our fans. “It’s the second year in a row they’ve experienced this. “We want to really concentrate to avoid this.”

He was also asked for his thoughts on the failure of his defence to pay attention at the fourth goal.

“It surprised me and everyone,” he said. “It was incredible and it puts us out. “I guess they took it quickly and we didn’t have time to set ourselves up. “I didn’t see it clearly because when I looked the ball was already in.”

Meanwhile, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu apologised to fans of the club after Tuesday night’s 4-0 defeat at the hands of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side. Bartomeu felt for supporters having to watch the loss, especially after a similar comeback occurred in Rome in 2018.

“I feel really bad for the supporters, especially the ones that came to Anfield,” he stated. “It happened to us in Rome and now it’s happened again here. “I congratulate Liverpool. “I’d prefer to not give explanations now in the heat of the moment.”There will be time to reflect, it’s very difficult to explain this defeat.”

Liverpool’s fourth goal came from a corner kick taken quickly by full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold as the Barcelona team switched off and Divock Origi scored to make it 4-0.

“There is no explanation for the goal. “Maybe it was a surprise, I’m not sure. “I haven’t yet spoken with the coach or the players.”

Barcelona still have the possibility of winning a double, with the Copa Del Rey final against Valencia on May 25: “We have to lift our spirits and think about the Copa del Rey,” Bartomeu said, looking ahead to that other chance of silverware.

However, Luis Suarez also spoke about his team’s poor display at Anfield on Tuesday night and was especially critical of the way they defended – or didn’t – the fourth Liverpool goal. Trent Alexander-Arnold took a corner quickly and nobody recognised that Divock Origi was free and about to receive the ball and score.

“We looked like some youth team there,” Suarez admitted afterwards. “We are very sad, very hurt. “It’s time for a lot of self-criticism in our team. “These are things that cannot happen at a club like Barcelona. “We cannot make the same mistake twice.”

Speaking about his former side’s performance, he noted that their plan worked: “They did what they had to do and that was to score early,” he explained. “They believed from the first minute until the last.”

The Uruguayan took the blame away from head coach Ernesto Valverde after the defeat: “It’s the players who play,” he said. “He played the same team in the first leg as he did here. “We must ask for forgiveness. “We weren’t a team.”
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