Protest: Death toll climbs to 100 in Sudan

Two days after the Sudanese military led a violent crackdown on protesters in the country’s capital, over 100 people have been reported dead and 500 injured, the opposition said Wednesday.

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors said the death toll rose Wednesday to 108 dead, but it expects that number to climb.
The doctors group said 40 bodies were removed from the Nile River Tuesday and more were removed Wednesday, the exact number of which was yet to be known and was not included in the day’s final death count.
Sixty-four of the dead were counted at hospitals in the capital Khartoum and nearby territories while four people, including three children, were killed in their homes.
“We always confirm that the number of martyrs is even greater and we are still in constant investigation of the missing, despite the stifling security, the difficulties of field communication, the ambassadors and the interruption of the internet service,” it said in a Facebook message.
The doctors group also said the number of dead may increase due to the difficulties medical staff are facing, including overcrowded hospitals, issues with blood banks and donor access and the availability of emergency resources.
Sixty people were originally reported killed in Monday’s crackdown by military forces against demonstrators protesting in a sit-in protest outside of the military’s headquarters in the capital.
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