Sen. Andy Uba Joins President Buhari to Celebrate June 12

Senator Andy Uba today joined President Muhammadu Buhari to celebrate Nigeria Democracy Day June 12.

It was an epoch making event as the immediate past Senator representing the good people of Anambra South joins other eminent Nigerians to celebrate Nigerian Democracy Day.

On the sidelines of Today's Democracy Day celebrations, Distinguished Senator Andy Uba fielded questions from Press men on key National issues.

Responding to questions on the President's overall performance in the first four years of the Change administration, the soft spoken Uga born Anambra politician averred thus;

"In the overall assessment of President Buhari's performance, I must commend his effort at redirecting the socioeconomic fortunes of the country. It wasn't easy, and I'm sure you know nothing good comes easy. But, we have experienced a departure from the old style of leadership. The President performed appreciably well, and I think that was why Nigerians voted him in for another term of four years."

On the recent constitution of the National Assembly  Leadership, Dr Uba had this to say;

"The Legislature is an independent arm of government, with constitutional rights to deciding her internal affairs. Part of which is electing who leads them. I have been part of this process for some years now, and understand that the Lawmakers have exercised their lawful rights. It's a win-win for all. I think we should respect that and pray for the best outcomes."

A reporter further pressed to know Senator Andy Uba's thoughts on the distribution of power in the 9th NASS where his zone the Southeast ostensibly holds nothing. He quickly responded;

"Politics is a process. I believe in processes. The National Assembly, when fully constituted would have other positions, and I believe other zones will who have got nothing will also be accommodated. However, there is a lesson in this for my zone, the Southeast. It doesn't call for blames or hate mongering. I believe we have seen the outcomes and will do our home work appropriately."

Finally, Senator Uba expressed great joy in the fact that President Buhari has laid the June 12 question to a perfect rest. He called on all Nigerians to support Mr President in his effort to take the Nation to the Next Level.

Source: ©️Ositadimma Izuchukwu Anslem, Eagles Square, Abuja.
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