Five unmistakable signs you’re dealing with a typical Nigerian

There are certain unmistakable signs that you’re dealing with a typical Nigerian that are hard to ignore. The Nation shares 5 unmistakable signs you’re dealing with a typical Nigerian.

After a long period of separation, you’re greeted with state of your weight
A typical Nigerian will break the ice with something like ‘you’ve added weight o!’ or ‘wow, you’re thinner now o, were you sick?’, when you see them again after a long period of separation. This is one of the major ways you’ll know you’re dealing with a typical Nigerian. They just can’t help it.
They have two phones or more
This can definitely be considered the trademark of a typical Nigerian. The two phones usually consist of one smart-phone and one flip or classic mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if the smartphone is a dual-sim phone and there really isn’t a need for the other one, it’s just a necessary trademark for the typical Nigerian to have them both. Although, some argue that having two phones isn’t just to show off and it’s the current state of power in the country that makes it imperative to have a backup phone, in the event the battery of the other runs down and there is no opportunity to charge it. This is a valid argument and one of the major factors contributing to the two phone trademark of typical Nigerians. Other variations of the two phone trademark includes having one smart-phone and a blackberry smartphone.
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