Nigeria, UAE strengthen ties for beneficial action plans

Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Wednesday in Abuja pledged to further strengthen bilateral ties and implement frameworks for the maximum benefits of both countries.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that both countries made the pledge as Dr Abdulla Almandoos, incoming Consul General, UAE, to Nigeria presented his Letter of Commission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Receiving the letter, Amb. Mustapha Sulaiman, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry called for a sustained and improved relationship between both countries.
Sulaiman also stressed the need to drive all frameworks to action.
He said the relations between both countries have grown speedily in recent times but that there was a need to further strengthen the relations and implement frameworks for the interest of both countries.
“In the last few years, the relations between Nigeria and the UAE has grown speedily and we are looking forward to it to continue to grow faster to the best interest of both countries.
“We are happy to have someone like you with your background and experience in other places.
“We are optimistic that you will bring to bear in the UAE-Nigeria relations as we leverage on that experience,’’ Sulaiman said.
He spoke on the need for both countries to work harder in terms of establishing a good framework for the relationship to continue to do well.
“All the frameworks are on the table; it’s just to push and sign up on all of them so that they can begin to derive maximum benefits from these relations.
“In the last few months, we have seen improvement in the relations going by the high-level visits we had to the UAE and the recognition and acknowledgement of our country and President.’’
Suleiman said the Nigerian government looked forward to resolving outstanding issues between both countries so that the benefits of the relations would become more visible.
He explained that when the frameworks become visible, the people would appreciate them better.
Responding, Almandoos said it was the expectations of the President of the UAE to see a peaceful and stable Africa, expressing hopes to deliver those expectations in his mission to Nigeria.
“We would support the relationship on how both countries will have better relationships and for future reasons.
“The message from our president is to support the country to be more stable and secure, innovative,’’ Almandoos said.
According to him, UAE’s expectations are very high about Nigeria.
“We have a clear vision from our President and foreign policy to support African countries to stability because the stability of African Countries is also our stability.
“We look forward to increased cooperation and economic ties for now and the future.’
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