PTDF tasks PHD candidates on research works to solve challenges

Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), has urged selected candidates for the 2019 overseas PHD scholarship programme to focus on research works that will proffer solutions to challenges in the oil and gas sector.

Dr Bello Gusau, the Executive Secretary of PTDF gave the charge at the induction for beneficiaries of the scholarship programme in Abuja.
“You are here because you have been selected after a rigorous process that looked at your earlier academic work and your statement of purpose.
“At PHD level, we are not interested in your skills, we are particular with your research work and we charge you to focus on the ones that can tackle interesting challenges.
“Put in your best, appreciate the opportunity the country has given to you by selecting you to be a beneficiary among multitude of applicants,’’ he said.
He assured that PTDF would support them to have a smooth stay abroad while on study but advised that they should be focused and diligent.
Gusau noted that the Fund, which was working with scarce resources, may not be able to support anyone who could not finish his or her programme as scheduled.
“You must appreciate the fact that the country is supporting you, therefore, you must strive to give something back in return.
“Wherever you find yourself, respect the rules and regulations of the country and institutions you are going to be in.
“Go the extra mile to leave a positive impression as good ambassadors of Nigeria,’’ he said.
Earlier in his presentation, the Special Adviser to the      Director-General of the Nigeria Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr David Akoji advised scholars to uphold the ethics stipulated in the 1999 Constitution.
He listed the ethics as discipline, integrity, dignity, religious tolerance, patriotism and self reliance.
“These ethics are stipulated in Chapter II, Section 23 of the 1999 constitution and if you hold unto it, you will be outstanding while studying abroad.
“Nigeria is a great country and it our duty as Nigerians to pride ourselves with what we have by representing the country well anywhere we find ourselves.
“Being disciplined will help you to respect rules of the country and your school of study, ensuring integrity will help you to be honest and exhibit strong moral principle.
“The countries you are going to have various religious pratcises, therefore, you are bound to respect and tolerate people with various religious belief,’’ he said.
He urged scholars to seek solution to any challenge they come across while on study from the appropriate channel.
Reports show that 148 people were selected for the 2019 overseas PhD programme and 194 for the masters’ programme.
The PhD scholars had been admitted in various universities in United Kingdom, France and Germany.
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