Signs Your Marriage May be Heading For Divorce

Text: Matthew 19:1-10
The issue of divorce though popular in the world today has been settled once and for all by Jesus. In today’s passage Jesus makes it clear that the only condition allowed for divorce is sexual immorality; outside of which if you divorce your wife you ha65ve done the wrong thing. He also expressly points out that if you have cause to divorce your wife, you and your wife are expected to remain unmarried. The Bible says the woman is bound to her husband for life, as long as he lives but she is free once he dies, which means, as far as God is concerned marriage is for life. (Romans 7:2). Therefore, before you make that commitment to someone make sure you are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that he or she is God’s choice for you because divorce is not an option.

The following signs suggest that something is going wrong in your marriage that requires urgent attention:
• Friendliness to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. If your spouse suddenly begins to communicate with his or her ex then there may be trouble ahead.
• When suddenly one of the spouses begins to show total disrespect or disregard for the other person. The man who used to be courteous now is abusive and aggressive towards his wife.
• When it is becoming impossible for the two of you to agree on anything. This is a sign that the two of you are drifting apart.
• When there are frequent and unresolved quarrels in the home. Quarrels may occur but the ability to resolve them quickly is what strengthens the home.
• When none of the partners want to yield their ground – compromise is one key to having a successful marriage. If you want to win all of the time, you may end up breaking your home.
• When the man or woman refuses to perform their marital duty, for example, when the man stops eating at home or stops having sex with his wife and vice versa.
When the husband or wife suddenly begins to spend too much time outside the home without any plausible explanations.
• When there is a sudden change in spending habits, especially by the man. A man who loves his wife will always like to spend his money on her; so when this stops all of a sudden there could be a problem.
• When you begin to day-dream about someone else.
• Undue external influences, especially when in-laws have taken over the home.
• When either of them or both of them stop caring about things of the home.
• When trust is repeatedly broken by either partner. It is one thing to make mistakes in life but it is another thing to keep repeating the same mistakes.
• When the woman is in the habit of always packing out of the matrimonial home. A time will come when the man will say enough is enough.
These signs are not for you to throw in the towel but for you to be observant and be prepared to war against the powers that want your marriage to fail.
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