INSECURITY IN NIGERIA: The Ugwuanyi's Approach

The security situation in Nigeria have created much tension as every region is now affected by insecurity in one way or another. The Nation is battling the menace of banditry,  terrorism and kidnapping with security forces lacking the needed inter-agency synergy and professionalism to quell the monster - Insecurity. 

Recently a daughter of Afenifere National Leader was killed along Benin- Ore Expressway.

Five Pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God were kidnapped at Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

About a week after, Pastor of Winners church was killed in the presence of his wife along Abuja- Kaduna Expressway.

Within the same period my friend and former parish priest Rev Father Paul Offu was killed in Enugu. 

There are several other cases of kidnapping/killings - insecurity in almost all the States of the Federation.  


It is imperative that we acknowledge the glaring fact that Enugu State is not existing outside Nigeria. The recent security challenge is not peculiar to Enugu State alone. It is a National situation calling for all hands on deck. Therefore, now is the time for Ndi Enugu at home and in diaspora to support the efforts of the State Government to maintain peace and security in our dear State. 

The Ugwuanyi Approach 

From the beginning , Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi leadership is known for Security,  Peaceful Coexistence, All Inclusive Style of Politics, religious tolerance, social welfare, worker's welfare, sectoral reforms , Ease of Doing Business, Traders Empowerment and Infrastructural Development.  

In view of the recent security challenge in the State, the Governor as the chief security officer has adopted a pragmatic approach to quell insecurity and maintain peaceful coexistence in the coal city state.

The Anti- Kidnapping Bill , ongoing recruitment of forest guards, enhancement of vigilantes' activities, motivation and deployment of military - air force surveillance operations, sectoral committee recommendations on Security ( chaired by a Former IG of Police, Onovo) are some of the overt positive and productive approaches adopted by Governor Ugwuanyi of Enugu State. 

In order to further stem the tide of kidnapping and criminality,  the Governor have personally visited the bushes in Awgu that was hitherto hideouts and safe heaven for kidnappers.

The immediate demolition of Caves , Tunnels and clearing of  water ways used by kidnappers in Awgu- Enugu PH Highway was ordered by the Governor after going into the forest on foot for fact finding and further preventive measures such as the construction of a military base along the area. 

Anti-Kidnapping Law vs Anti- Open Grazing Law  

Ignorantly or deliberately, some people have argued that we need Anti- Open Grazing Law in Enugu State because some states like Benue have such Law.  The unanswered question is how successful is the Law in the Benue? 

Laws are made to cure  mischiefs. Definitely,  Anti Open Grazing Law in Enugu State will cause more Mischief. This is owing to high likelihood of abuse and consequential damages of such a Law. The Anti Kidnapping Bill is appropriate at this time and it is expected that the House of Assembly will give it accelerated hearing.

Unfortunately, separatist groups and politically motivated commentators have refused to see  the positive and productive actions of Governor Ugwuanyi as the best approach to retain the hard earned peace and tranquillity that Enugu is known for. 

Nevertheless, the State Government is focused and determined to maintain Peace and security in the state as the kidnappers and other criminals are being apprehended and their hideouts exposed. It is henceforth expected that the Church, Traditional Rulers, Stakeholders and the people should collaborate with the State Government to keep Enugu Safe and Secured.

Therefore, the creation of Forest Guards and other recent positive actions of His Excellency,  Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi should be sustained and encouraged by all true lovers of Peace and prosperity of Enugu. 

It may appear too peaceful, an approach at this perilous time ,  but at the end it is for the good of the people. 


(An Enugu based Legal Practitioner and former Route Commander in FRSC)
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