No Women Protest Against Fulanis in Enugu - Group Debunks Claim

Enugu Youth Coalition has angrily reacted to the heavily distorted photos of women who returned home for their annual 'August Meeting' in the state which some mischief makers claimed was a protest against the Fulanis and herdsmen in the state.

While we describe the report as another lie manufactured from the pit of hell, we wish to state categorically that there is no any form of protest against anybody or group by our women or even youths in the state.

Rather, what Nigerians saw online was a false narrative against our women which was the handiwork of some wretched bloggers assembled by greedy and ungrateful politicians from the state who have launched full-scale media war against the good people of the state.

The latest is part of their clandestine conspiracy and long-term plans to discredit the people's government in the state and make the current leadership unpopular ahead of their expected projections.

In the coming days and months, more dirty and inciting false narratives would be sponsored by 'strange children' in our midst against the state, but we promise never to let our people down.

In the past few months, they have tried, but to no avail to incite the people, the church, the market men and women and the Federal Government against the state government and our people but because the state is in the hands of God, their plans has always been down hill.

Accordingly, the latest attempt to use the picture of innocent women who returned home for this year's annual August Meeting and subsequently assembled to discuss the welfare and development plans for their communities is outrageous and wicked!

While statesmen are thinking of the next generation, greedy and ungrateful politicians from the state are busy thinking of the next elections and contest against their imaginary political opponents.

Again, we wish to state that Enugu state has been peaceful and will remain peaceful no matter what the 'violence-instigators and their alarmists' from the state are trying to portray to the world.

As responsible civil society organisation who have sworn to defend the interest of Ndi-Enugu at all times, we will be compelled to name politicians from the state who have been sponsoring fake and malicious reports against the good people of the state.

Any war against the people is war against God and because the voice of the people is the voice of God, we will continue to be on God's side because Enugu State is in the Hands of God!


Dr. Edwin  Obune,
National Coordinator,
Enugu Youth Coalition
POLITICS 1561211031191088929

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