Ike Ekweremadu Eats Local Yam In Enugu (Photos)

Finally, ‘Distinguished’ Senator Ike Ekweremandu atago ji local (eaten local yam) in the presence of the Governor of Enugu State Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and few other guests.

I know in Nigeria the wishes of the masses count for less, as the political class have formed for themselves a cabal so deviant of the people but subtly their ‘luxurious’ wishes are eluding them, because finally everything depreciate nor matter how long.

Soon even the ‘little’ comfort they seem to have in ‘homeland’ will no longer be there, which makes them shameless enough to still ‘eli ji’ local, probably another political tactical move on the people to pass a ‘message’, because here their mansions, large security aids and diabolical powers protect them from the common resources they steall from us but time will tell how long it all lasted.
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