Neymar R*pe Accuser Indicted For Extortion By Brazilian Police


Sao Paulo​ police have moved to indict Najila Trindade​ and her partner Estivens Alves over allegations of rape
levelled at Brazilian football star Neymar back in May. 

Neymar has vehemently denied claims he raped the alleged victim in a Paris hotel room on May 15.
The woman claimed in a television interview with  SBT Brasil  that she exchanged messages with the 27-year-old on social media before meeting him at the Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe.

She said she returned to Brazil two days later but was too emotionally shaken to report the incident until May 31.

Neymar subsequently posted an Instagram update in which he claimed the allegations were part of an extortion attempt.

Police in Brazil closed the investigation into the rape allegations in late July, with Sao Paulo police investigator Juliana Lopes Bussacos saying in a press conference: "I did not see enough elements to indict." 

That was followed by prosecutors in Brazil also finding a lack of evidence and announcing their decision earlier this month to close the case against Neymar.  

"We decided in favour of closing the case because there is insufficient evidence," prosecutor Flavia Merlini said at a news conference. 

"The police investigator asked her to plug her phone into a computer so she could see the video [supposedly showing an attack], but she [the alleged victim] didn't want to do that. She also refused to hand over her phone, and later she said it had been stolen," co-prosecutor Estefania Paulin added. 

"The case will be closed as long as no new evidence is presented. If evidence comes up and we come to understand it is relevant and important, the case could be reopened." 

In Tuesday's announcement, police said they indicted the accuser (N.) for procedural fraud, slanderous denunciation and extortion, while adding that Alves has been indicted for "disclosing material with erotic content from N. to a reporter."

“Based on the evidence gathered during the investigations, the delegate decided for the indictment of N. and Estivens Alves, her former partner, for procedural fraud (art. 347)," a statement from Sao Paulo police reads.  

“She (the delegate) also decided to indict Alves for disclosing material with erotic content from N. to a reporter. 

“After clarifying the criminal materiality, the authority also decided for the indictment of N. in the crimes of slanderous denunciation and extortion.” 

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